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Name:el'Nynaeve ti al'Meara Mandragoran
Birthdate:Dec 4
Nynaeve began the more adventurous part of her life as a village healer and wisewoman. Upon meeting Moiraine Sedai, however, things changed rather quickly. She, and several others from her village, found themselves swept up in a little-known battle to save the very fabric of their world.

Sound overly dramatic? Nyanaeve thought so, too. But then, of course, there was training to become an Aes Sedai herself, and finding the equivalent of storybook romance with Moiraine's Warder, Lan. Who, not coincidentally, also happened to be a prince, or the closest thing to it. And possibly the romance was a lot less storybook than some would have you think.

Despite all this, and the prediction of Moiraine that she will become one of the strongest Aes Sedai known, Nynaeve remains very much herself: sharp-tongued, courageous, impatient, smart, and short.

Note: Nynaeve's particular skill, insofar as channeling goes, is Healing. Her Healing is similar to that used in the Age of Legends, which means it is much more complicated than most are capable of, currently. Also, due to being raised Aes Sedai by Egwene, unlike Moiraine Nynaeve is not bound to 'no word that is not true'.

Additionally, unless specifically mentioned in an tag or entrypost, Nynaeve is always wearing both the bracelet-and-rings angreal and the 'mess of jewelry'ter'angreal.

gold belt: Well to hold saidar, allows channeling where there is no access to saidar
bracelet with pale red stones: cover the wearer with something like armor, to prevent damage from weapons
ring with pale green stone: detects saidin or saidar usage, even if ability is masked and weave inverted
ring with sapphire: goes cold when someone angry or hostile is nearby
unknown piece (possibly the detector-ring): interrupts direct weaves of the Power

Nynaeve is short, slim, and rather pretty, with dark brown eyes and dark hair that she wears in a braid. She tends to tug on her braid when she is especially angry. Which tends to be often. She might grow out of it. She is also 27 years old, and looks all of 20. Blame slowing.

Nynaeve is from the Wheel of Time series, and belongs to Robert Jordan and Tor books. She is for use solely in the online RPG [info]milliways_bar and no profit is being made from her.

Interests (17):

a'dam, aes sedai, common sense, healing, lan, moiraine, rand, saidar, saidin, ter'angreal, the dragon reborn, the light, the light burn you, the yellow ajah, warders, wisdom, woolheads
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